A family takes a photo near the rose garden at Applewood Estate in Flint, Michigan.

The Explore Flint & Genesee blog features local attractions, restaurants, and weekly things to do in and around the county. Here you'll be able to learn more about our area to help you plan your next trip or discover your next favorite attraction or restaurant in Flint & Genesee!

A Home for Indie Music and Events in Flint & Genesee

Flint & Genesee has been the home of many event spaces that have hosted legendary performances over the years. From large to small, this area has seen a little of everything. Tucked in between all the larger scale venues like the old IMA Sports Arena (now Dort Financial Event Center) and Kettering…

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Unique Eats around Flint & Genesee

It doesn’t take a long drive around Flint & Genesee to see all the wonderful restaurants and eateries that are available. The genuinely hard part about finding something to eat is in agreeing on which place to go. With so many options the choice can often be to head somewhere familiar but there are…

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A Love for Donuts in Flint & Genesee

Donuts have become a go-to comfort food for many, and Flint & Genesee is lucky enough to have several independently owned and operated shops that offer dozens of flavors and varieties for even the most discerning of donut connoisseurs. The search for the perfect donut is the sort of adventure that…

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Celebrating 810 Day in Flint & Genesee

It’s time to celebrate Flint & Genesee. 810 Day was created as a day for celebrating the region and the things that make it so beloved. 810 signifies the area code of Flint and the surrounding communities but it has been embraced as a day of love for the city and its culture and community…

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Getting Everyone Together in Flint & Genesee

With its many attractions, wonderful dining, and lovely cities and towns, the Flint & Genesee region is the perfect place to hold an event or gathering, large or small. The area is a hub for transportation with the option to drive, fly, or take a plane and easily reach anywhere in the county. Add to…

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Become a Certified Tourism Ambassador in Flint & Genesee

Living in an area, you may start to feel as if you know everything – where to go, what to eat, and what to do – but are often missing out on more than you can imagine. One of the exciting programs that is offered by Explore Flint & Genesee, the local Convention and Visitors Bureau, is the Certified…

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