Restaurant Showdown

Nominate Your Favorite Restaurant by March 1, 2024

The Explore Flint & Genesee Restaurant Showdown is a friendly, social media-based competition put on by Explore Flint & Genesee, the convention & visitors bureau for Genesee County. The intention of the showdown is to highlight local Flint & Genesee restaurants to show the breadth of what the region has to offer when it comes dining. The winner of the competition will receive a certificate from Explore Flint & Genesee, as well as unofficial bragging rights for the year.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How is a restaurant chosen for the Explore Flint & Genesee Restaurant Showdown? 

Restaurants are chosen based on a nomination form put out on Explore Flint & Genesee social media pages. Once a restaurant is nominated, the Explore Flint & Genesee team reaches out to get approval from each restaurant to be part of the competition.  

How are match ups decided in the showdown? 

To level the playing field, match ups are randomized. Meaning that restaurants will be matched up with others regardless of style of food or type of restaurant. This competition is open to all restaurants in Genesee County and in order to include as many as possible Explore Flint & Genesee does make limitations based on categories.  

How will restaurants be eliminated? 

The Explore Flint & Genesee Restaurant Showdown is a bracket-style competition. Each restaurant will be paired up with another randomly selected restaurant in the first round and will move on if they receive more votes via polls in Explore Flint & Genesee’s Facebook and Instagram stories. Whichever restaurant receives the most overall votes will move on to the next round. 

I noticed that a restaurant received the majority of votes on Facebook stories but didn’t win the round, why is that? 

Our team tallies the votes from both Facebook and Instagram stories and tallies the overall winner. Sometimes, a restaurant can receive more votes on one platform but significantly less on the other, which would lead to the other restaurant winning. 

For more information or questions, contact Explore Flint & Genesee.  


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