LGBTQ+ Travel in Flint & Genesee

In Flint & Genesee, we celebrate the individuality and diversity of our history and residents, and we invite all visitors to experience the inclusivity of our region. Whether you are looking for a unique urban art experience or an outdoor adventure, take some time to explore Flint & Genesee. Downtown Flint offers a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere with murals, independent bookstores and galleries, plus great shopping and dining all within walking distance. Then stop by the Flint Cultural Center and see latest exhibition at the Flint Institute of Arts, the second-largest art museum in Michigan, and watch a free glass blowing demonstration in the Hot Shop. Or take in a show at The Whiting or The Capitol Theatre, our historic and newly renovated gem. Venture out of the city and wander the miles of trails and waterways. Whether your interest is in paddling the rivers, exploring the trails, or enjoying the beach – Flint & Genesee’s great outdoors invite you in. Great shopping and dining options greet you in the towns along the way.

Flint & Genesee is also home to year-round festivals and events like Flint’s annual Pride Festival. The festival began in 2010 and welcomed more than 3,000 attendees at the last in-person event in 2019. In 2021, the festival will host a community BBQ and smaller events throughout the year. As the festival has grown, so has recognition of the LGBTQ+ community with Flint officially declaring June as Pride Month in 2020 and Genesee County doing the same in 2021. So whether it’s an evening out or a weekend away, let Flint & Genesee surprise and entertain you.