History is alive in Flint & Genesee, and with it are the stories of the past and those who lived through it. For those who need a good shiver come fall, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the haunted side of things and maybe have an experience of your own.

If you are interested in learning more about the area and those who helped build it, you may want to check out Glenwood Cemetery. It’s here that you’ll find such Flint luminaries as William S. Ballenger Sr., J. Dallas Dort, Charles Stewart Mott, and William F. Fenton among many others. They offer self-guided tours as well as the occasional event or guided tours to take you through the history on display.

If you’d prefer a chance to run into some of the area’s former residents, then a trip to downtown Flint will be a great place to start. Avondale Cemetery, just north of downtown is one of the area’s oldest cemeteries and one that has welcomed residents who were once pioneers to this area. There is much beauty to take in at this sprawling location that offers fans of history and the uncanny a chance to wander among the aged headstones.

Downtown Flint is home to many ghost stories about the those that have not moved on. Some of these stories are about the spirits that still roam the FIM Capitol Theatre, or the neighboring alleyway. What better way to chance a meeting with a ghost than to attend the Capitol’s screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 14 to see for yourself?

The Stockton House Museum is not far from the Capitol and is a historical site with rumors of spirits wandering its halls. The museum offers many public events that give the opportunity to see the space and what it holds, and Stockton even occasionally offers tours during the Halloween season.

The Fenton Hotel has become a beacon for fine dining but also has a history of paranormal activity. From glasses and plates moving, to disembodied voices, and even faint figures have been seen over the years. While they don’t offer tours, you can always stop in for a bite and hope you are joined by an uninvited guest.

There are more places in the area to look if you’re in the mood for a chance at a ghostly encounter. Perhaps you might like to try dinner at the Linden Hotel, where spirits have been said to remain. Maybe a walk down Main Street in Davison will fit the bill, with talk of mysterious happenings in some of the nearby businesses. Or maybe Diane’s Pawn Shop on Dort Highway will give you the shiver you seek as you look for a bargain with talk of shadows lurking among the stacks. There is even talk of spooky feelings around Flint Institute of Arts and its historic art collections.

For inspiration on where to look for the strange and mysterious you may want to check out Michigan Paranormal: Haunted Flint by author Paul Counelis or Haunted Flint by Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani. Flint & Genesee is full of stories of the past and its unwillingness to stay quiet, and if you are lucky, or perhaps unlucky, you’ll find out for yourself.

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