Explore Folk and Jazz in Flint & Genesee

Get away for a night (or two) and enjoy some soothing tunes

Music is such a large part of our day-to-day lives that it becomes the soundtrack to our memories. As important as music is in lives, we don’t often get a chance to slow down and enjoy it. Sure, some of us may attend the occasional live shows, but those are few and far between. Fortunately, there is live music all around us in Flint & Genesee and if you are a folk and jazz fan then you can make it more than just a night out on the town, but a weekend of live music and fun. 

If you plan your staycation for later in the year you can catch a show at Farmhouse Folk, a small venue in Flushing that has gained a reputation for its unique venue and focus on the music going experience. Concerts are held on a former farm in a building repurposed to be an intimate performance space. Boasting only 35 seats, this is about as exclusive as a venue can get but it’s that very fact that gives Farmhouse Folk its magic – being so close to the performer and to be able to enjoy it without the distraction of an elaborate stage show. This is about the music, and if you are a fan of folk music, this is the place to go. While they don’t offer many shows in a season, you are guaranteed that the concerts they hold will be special because of their very infrequency. You will want, check their social media to decide on a show to attend. Once you pick that date, you’re sure to have a night you won’t soon forget. 

If you decide to make it a true staycation you can get a bite to eat in Flushing at the Flushing A, a local favorite featuring old fashioned drive-in service and great food. After the concert you can book a room at Knob Hill Bed & Breakfast to really keep that indie spirit. If you prefer a hotel stay you might head into downtown Flint to the Holiday Inn Express Flint – Campus Area or the Hilton Garden Inn Flint Downtown. In Flint, you can eat at any number of cafes or restaurants or get a drink.

If you plan things right, you can double down on live music at one of several venues in downtown Flint. Blackstone’s Smokehouse regularly books folk and jazz performers and most of these shows are free to attend so long as you are eating in the restaurant. Blackstone’s is a cozy setting for an intimate dinner show with performers that range from one -person bands to ensembles. You might also try Tenacity Brewing near the banks of the Flint River where you can get some of its craft beverages, grab something from the Vehicle City Tacos food truck, and listen to some live Jazz on one of their many music nights. Soggy Bottom, a bar and renowned restaurant, could also be an option as it also offers live Jazz on some nights or look into the Golden Leaf Club, a jazz club with a 100- year history in Flint. While the Golden Leaf is members-only they will often welcome new faces so it’s worth looking into so you can take part in a Flint music legacy.

Getting away for a night or two to enjoy some soothing tunes can scarcely be better than it is in Flint & Genesee and with the opportunity to hear live music in an intimate space where the focus is on the music it’s hard to ask for more.

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