Throughout Flint & Genesee, there are wonderful stores and markets that can take you around the world, offering goods and foods unlike anything you can find anywhere else. You will find food, gifts, and drinks you can only find at these markets. You can sample a little of the world’s many flavors right here in Flint & Genesee.

Grand Blanc’s Oliver T’s Market has become synonymous with special occasions. Whether you are looking to pick up something delicious from their deli, need to order some bakery items, are looking to grab some drinks for the weekend, or just need some groceries, this is your place. From international soda pops to everything you could need to mix your favorite cocktail and even sweet treats, this is where the party starts. If you are looking for a gift or a gift basket, they have that too. At their heart though they are a unique spot to make your meal or party a hit.

In Flint, you will find Seoul Market, which offers Asian snacks, novelty foods, as well as a full line of groceries. They offer large rice bags, grocery items, various cooler products, meats, sauces, beauty products, and more. With so much variety packed into such an unassuming space, it’s no wonder they have created such a loyal customer base.

Kamil's Mid-Eastern Foods, Inc. is just down the road from Seoul Market. There, you will find a wide selection of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean offerings from spices, fruits, bulk items, jarred and canned food, and a selection of pastries, cookies, and other pre-made treats.

Sindbad International, a food market located in Flint Township, offers meat, freshly baked items like pita bread, and foods from around the world. Here you’ll find international cheeses and yogurt, drinks, a wide range of fruits and veggies, olive oil, Turkish coffee, fresh halal meat, and so much more. Sindbad offers an amazingly broad range of products and is a can’t miss stop if you are looking for something special.

The Local Grocer in Flint offers fresh, locally and regionally sourced veggies, specialty groceries, and meal prep orders. For those who need vegan or gluten-free options, they have those as well. With a location in the Flint Farmers’ Market and a store just outside of downtown Flint, they are a great option.

Nehring’s Market in Burton is a lovely space that offers a wonderful variety of products. From plant-based meats, premade meals, and a selection of craft drinks, pies, and breads, this shop has everything you could ask for from your local market.

Zaman Middle Eastern Marketplace & Bakery, a new business that just opened in Grand Blanc, is a one-stop shop for Middle Eastern needs. Featuring a bakery with fresh bread, pastries, and desserts, everything is certified halal. From groceries to dinners that you can pick up and take with you, there’s little you won’t find at this great market.

These are just a few of the incredible specialty markets in Flint & Genesee. From liquor stores that feature exotic and unique drinks, to bakeries, and local markets that cater to the clientele's needs, there are great options in the area to get exactly what you need.

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