The Flint-style coney has a long history in the area. Some claim the only authentic coney sauce is from Angelo’s, which recently closed its last location after many years. People from around the state and country would visit Flint to get a taste and take home a carry-out container of the famous coney sauce.

However, even though Angelo’s is the most notable Flint-style coney, it wasn’t the first. The sauce was originally created by Simion P. Brayan at Flint’s Original Coney in 1924. And that classic Flint-style coney sauce base can be bought today through Abbott’s Meat, who Brayan contracted with to make the sauce, and Koegel Meat Company.

The chili dog in question is a dry hot dog topped with a base of ground beef heart ground to the consistency of fine-ground beef. The sauce also includes chopped onions, spices and other ingredients.

Want to try a Flint-style coney out for yourself? Here are five places you can grab one.

Starlite Diner

With two locations in the area, Starlite has been around since 1966 serving up fresh ground hamburgers, Flint-style coneys and breakfast all day. The local restaurant is also a go-to for many folks in the area looking for a great coney.

Capitol Coney Island

Capitol Coney claims to be Flint’s number one coney and some locals agree. The spot serves up Flint-style coneys along with other famous hot dogs including a Chicago dog. It also has sandwiches, burgers and more.

B-Dogs Specialty Hot Dog Cart

Located inside the Flint Farmers’ Market, B-Dogs serves up a variety of unique hot dogs including one with mac & cheese and an elotes dog. The local stand also serves up Flint-style coneys using Koegels, of course.

Telly’s Coney Island

Off Miller Road, Telly’s is a highly recommended place for Flint-style coneys. People from all around go out of their way to get to Telly’s when they’re craving a coney.

Gillies Coney Island Restaurant

In Mt. Morris, Gillies was opened in 1985 by David Gillie who learned from the people at Starlite. The restaurant serves excellent food including Flint-style coneys, fish & chips, burgers, sandwiches and more.

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