There is a place in Flint & Genesee where the turrets of a castle can be seen from miles away. A place where wonder and magic walk hand in hand with learning and fun. One that teaches with play and experience. And it’s not far from the heart of downtown Flint.

The Flint Children’s Museum is a hands-on, experiential learning museum that teaches children through play. The museum’s exterior features two turrets that welcome guests and serve as an invitation to play. During warmer months, the museum boasts an outdoor play area called Sproutside that has exhibits like a xylophone wall, areas to see how things grow, a place for picnics, and plenty of space for messier art projects.

Heading inside, children are offered more choices for play and activities than they can fit into a day. There are spaces to learn about science and to explore, where minds and bodies are both engaged. There is an area where kids can play with an augmented reality sandbox, learn about balancing weights, play with a vortex, see how marionettes work, sketch with magnetic shavings, and more.

For kids interested in performing there are plenty of opportunities to do just that. They can play the pipe organ, explore a full-sized stagecoach, put on a costume, or grab a puppet and perform on a stage. In the health and fitness section, children will learn about brushing their teeth and why it’s so important. Elsewhere, they will see what their circulatory and muscular systems look like in another exhibit. They can challenge their agility and climb a wall to reach one of three different “elevations”. They can even check their weight, height, and foot size.

The Our Town space gives kids the chance to pretend they are on a shopping trip where they can fill their cart with food as another child rings them up. They can play at the Fractions Pizza Parlor and create pizzas for their friends. There is even an animal hospital where children can play where they are veterinarians and give stuffed animals their check-ups. Next to Our Town is Transportation Alley which features a fire truck to play in and all the gear they will need to be a firefighter. There is even a grocery truck where children can pretend that they are delivering groceries to friends and family.

The museum's newest exhibit, Enchanted Wonderland, will offer visitors a chance to walk through a replica of a magical wonderland from books and movies. With brightly painted murals, interactive experiences, and opportunities to step inside an immersive world of fantasy that will have kids living out their dreams.

There are spaces for birthday parties or special occasions and the Flint Children’s Museum is a great option for getting everyone together for the day. The museum has something for young people from babies to eight years old and will keep them busy the entire time they are there. For over 40 years, the space has served as a wonderful opportunity for families to play and learn together and that still stands true to this day. The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday and offers memberships that give you daily entry and entry to special events. Admission is $8 for a child or adult and there is a discount for families with an EBT card.

Head out to a place where fairy tales and science meet, and where there is always something special happening. Magic and wonder are as close as the Flint Children’s Museum and it’s all here in Flint & Genesee.




Flint Children's Museum

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