With warmer weather, the draw to the water is irresistible. Flint & Genesee is home to many beautiful lakes, rivers, and streams and can cater to almost any fun you have in mind. There are more water options than there is time, and these are only some of the options available.

One of the larger suburban lakes is Lake Fenton in the southern part of Genesee County. This beautiful lake is a hot spot for boating and water activities and has become very popular in the real estate market. While it can get busy, it is a wonderful option for those looking for larger lakes for boating and fishing. There are public parking and boat launches available, so you don’t have to know a resident to get access. If Lake Fenton is a little big though you can turn your attention to the nearby clear waters of Silver Lake in Linden, which has become very popular for water skiing, tubing, and boating. Lake Ponemah is another favorite among fishing fans in the Linden area and while you will find speedboats and jet skis during the weekends and evenings, you’ll also find wonderful fishing spots with a wide range of types to catch. The best part is that if the fishing isn’t great on Ponemah you can head over to connected Tupper Lake to try your hand there. Tupper is smaller and deeper and doesn’t see the same boat traffic as Ponemah and can offer fishers more peace as they drop a line. If you prefer canoeing or kayaking, you can drop your boat into Ponemah and head over to Tupper. From there you can reach the Shiawassee River and head into Linden for a leisurely day trip. There is even an ADA EZ Launch in Linden to make things easier for you.

In Davison, Lake Callis Recreation Complex has become a popular place for swimming and spending a calm day on the water. With pavilions, a splash pad, and kayak and waterboard rental there is plenty for the family to do without the concern of boats or other watercraft. Callis also hosts special events during the summer months that bring families out for a day of excitement.

In the Genesee area, you’ll find Bluebell Beach. Featuring a large splash pad for the kids with a nearby shaded patio with picnic tables and a universally accessible playground, this is a wonderful option for families. Bluebell Beach sits on Mott Lake and when you aren’t swimming or kayaking there are ADA-accessible pathways that connect to the Flint River Trail to traverse. Bluebell Beach is a wonderfully fun option for those with any accessibility needs.

The Holloway Reservoir Regional Park in Davison is home to many attractions but for fishers, this is a perfect place to catch. You can fish along the Holloway Dam Public Access, the Reservoir, the Stanley Road tubes, or one of several other sites. If you prefer to do a little kayaking or canoeing, there is also a launch available.

These are just a few of the many lakes and waterways that Flint & Genesee has to offer and are only a sample of what can be experienced. Just in the Fenton and Linden area alone, there are several lakes and beaches to take advantage of, like Linden County Park, that may not be front of mind so it pays to do a little digging to see what may be there, just out of view and ready to give you the best summer fun the water has to offer.

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