Pizza is the perfect food, a canvas for whatever your heart desires and your mind can dream up. When it comes to finding great pizza in Flint & Genesee there are countless options, and these are but a few of many.  

For great pizza, look no further.

Calabria Village is a small market in Linden that offers pizza, subs, salads, breadsticks, wings, and pasta but it is the pizza that is the standout. Pizzas can be either a traditional or deep dish and come loaded with toppings and thick crusts. It’s the homemade taste and feel of the pizzas that make them stand out and it’s that which will keep you coming back.

There are two Red Devil Pizza restaurants, one in Fenton which is more catered to take out with a small seating area, and a larger more traditional restaurant in Holly. Red Devil’s pizzas have a thinner but chewy crust and flavorful sauce that sets a great base for whatever you’re looking to build. The toppings are plentiful and with varieties like the deluxe or BBQ chicken pizza, there is plenty to love. For those that need meat-free options, there is a vegetarian pizza offered and even a gluten-free crust option as well. Pizza is not all they serve but that alone is worth a visit.

Roma’s Pizza in Flint has become a staple in the city and that’s because of its wide-ranging menu and catering options. Offering menu items that can be found at other restaurants like steaks, salads, seafood, and more, its pizzas stand out because of their heaping toppings that go to the very edge and threaten to overflow the crust. The crust is thin until you get to the outer ring, which is thick and chewy. Paired with their delicious breadsticks, you have a night of delicious delights made for a party.

Another beloved restaurant is Luigi’s in Flint. Luigi’s has been hosting fundraisers and parties since 1955 and there’s a reason people return to them time and again. Pizza at Luigi’s features a thin crust and deep cheese and is the kind of pizza that you’ll feel the desire to eat with a fork because it’s so thick with everything on it. There is a slight saltiness to the pizza, and it is the kind you get for a night with friends and drinks with long talks late into the night. Or maybe just for a night alone with a movie.

Mario's Restaurant & Pizzeria in Flint has gone through a recent renovation of their dining area but what hasn’t changed is its delicious food, specifically the pizza. Pizzas here are cheese-forward with thin crusts as the base and a large, chewy exterior ring to hold as you devour each slice. Toppings are not spared, and you will surely have a packed pizza that may take two hands to eat.

There are many options for pizza in Flint & Genesee such as the pizza from the White Horse Tavern, Latina Restaurant and PizzeriaGina’s Italian Restaurant, and many others. You will have to be the final judge on what pizza is truly great and it will be a matter of what your tastes are, and which place fulfills the promise of a perfect pie. It may take a little trial and error, but this is one search you’ll enjoy.



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