October 12, 2016

The third-annual Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium will convene entrepreneurs and thought leaders in business, academia, community organizations and government to promote and facilitate business innovation that improves the quality of life in urban communities.

Flint is the location and focus of this year’s symposium, which will be held Oct 19-21. Flint’s widely publicized water crisis has dealt a significant blow to the city. The symposium will focus the best minds in the city, region, and country on applying entrepreneurial innovation to revitalize Flint and similar communities.

The symposium will:

  • Focus the entrepreneur community on solving urban problems via for-profit businesses.
  • Forge productive connections between entrepreneurs, investors, students, faculty and urban communities.
  • Identify important urban problems that can benefit from for-profit business innovation.
  • Identify new business models that can result in repeatable, scalable businesses that address key urban problems.
  • Identify and recognize existing businesses that are applying innovative business models to solve important urban problems.
  • Share best practices in community engagement, problem identification, human-centered design, business model creation and validation, finance and support systems, and other key areas.

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