Guest blog post by Travis Crossley

When people think of Flint, many think first of General Motors, not about tattoos. However, what’s interesting to know is tattooing is the fastest-growing industry on the planet and Flint is home to more tattoo artists per capita than any other city in the nation according to So, it made sense to me to bring a Tattoo Convention to the area.

The camaraderie, the clientele, the interactions, the shared art of tattoo artists from around the country coming together with Flint’s large tattoo community is so exciting, I just couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Tattooing to me is like creating living art. It tells a story. You can look at a tattoo and it will remind you of a certain point in life. You can add to it, it can be a memorial to someone you loved or simply an image that you think is beautiful. I believe tattooing is the highest form of self-expression. 

Bringing those elements to a convention, where people can share their stories about their tattoos and have access to artists that they would not normally have access to, is what the convention is all about.

During the convention, aspiring tattoo artists will have access to educational opportunities, artists and collectors can enter their tattoos in contests, and to the camaraderie between veteran artists including Flint’s own Kyle Dunbar, who was featured on Ink Master, and his wife Candy, Dame and Tattoo Charles from Black Ink Crew Atlanta, Dr. Blasephemy and Pete Carreno. All of this will create an environment that will transcend any other experience they may have had.

In recent years, tattoos have become more mainstream. As a result, the convention will cater to tattoo collectors and feature body piercing, tooth gems, t-shirt and hair accessories, and contests including best beard and mustache, the Ms. Tattoo City Competition, a Pin-up Competition, and the Mayor of Tattoo City Competition. Finally, we will have live entertainment featuring Captain and Maybelle. This convention will have something for everyone.

As Flint natives and people who love Flint, we are using the convention as a jumping-off point to launch my non-profit: Tattoos for Humanity – a non-profit designed to combat blight in Flint and raise collective efficacy in the overall improvement of neighborhoods beginning on the east side of Flint.

Tattoo City – Tattoo Convention is taking place at Dort Federal Event Center from Friday, August 13- Sunday, August 15, 2021. Vendors are still welcome, and the event is open to the public. Tattooing will be taking place on-site. Join us and experience a different side of Flint.

Travis Crossley is the owner of Millennial Ink and Founder of Tattoo City – Tattoo Convention in Flint, Michigan.