May 18, 2016

By Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

As employees, we spend the bulk of our day at work. So, it’s important to incorporate a healthy lifestyle at our workplace as well as at home. On average, people spend 9.3 hours every day in the seated position.

Whether in the car, at a desk or on the couch watching TV, the majority of us sit for longer periods of time throughout the day than we do sleeping. In a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, researchers report that people who spend more hours of the day sitting have up to a 66 percent higher risk of developing certain types of cancer than those who aren’t as inactive.

We also have a tendency to stay busy with work, to the point that convenience foods with higher amounts of fat, sugar and salt become the norm. The average American is only consuming about 5-15 grams of fiber per day, when we should be having anywhere from 25-40 grams of fiber daily.

Changing some of our current unhealthy behaviors to focus on better health and wellness will help us be better for ourselves, at home and at work.

Ready to make a change? May is National Employee Health and Fitness Month.

Even though the month is half over, it’s still the perfect time to get started. Click here to download a fitness calendar, with each day reflecting a different health challenge.