With winter here the question often becomes, “What’s there to do inside?” If you need to get out of the house to do something a little different and are looking to challenge your brain as well as get some excitement, then Flint & Genesee has just what you’re looking for.

If you’re in the mood for suspense, and intrigue, and want to use your detecting skills, then perhaps one of the county’s two escape rooms will have what you seek. For those that may not know, an escape room is a timed game where you are ‘locked’ into a space where you must find clues and follow them toward an answer to solve the riddles and escape. These are thrilling endeavors for people interested in detection and mystery and are perfect for a group. At Davison’s Michigan Escape Games you will find several rooms that will challenge you and your perception. You can solve a murder, survive a nuclear meltdown, diffuse a timebomb, or escape from a haunted house. There is something for everyone and different skill levels for those that are new and those that are experts.  

For more room options, you can look to Spymaker Escape Rooms in Flint Township, which offers its brand of mystery. Here you can be trapped in the doomed Catacombs, survive a Dead Man’s Hand, Escape the ‘80s, or free yourself from the horror of the alchemist. No matter your flavor, you are bound to find fun with your friends in an escape room. A bonus with the Spymaker brand is that they also have Spymaker Axe Throwing which offers the ability to throw axes at wooden targets if you need something with a little more axe for your fun.

Escaping isn’t the only game you can play in Flint & Genesee. The area is home to several tabletop gaming spaces as well. Here you can sit down with friends or strangers who will soon be friends and play a card-based or board game and spend the fun evening in.

In Flint, you have Great Escape Gaming which sells games as well as hosts tournaments if you are looking to play. In Davison, you’ll find Card Table Republic which offers both card and tabletop games for sale, offers space to play, and has several games for rent, which is perfect when you prefer to host and not go somewhere to play. Card Table Republic also offers weekly events with several card-based games to get you out of the house on those cold days. In Flint Township, you’ll find Gamers Sanctuary which offers a wide array of sports cards, models and model supplies, board games, and role-playing game supplies. Also, in Flint is Rider’s Hobby Shop, which has games, miniatures for role-playing, and other hobby supplies like RC cars, models, art supplies, and much more. Clio boasts Tabletop Academy and offers space to play as well as games to purchase, giving the northern part of the county an option for their gaming needs. Back in Flint, you'll find the Gilded Game Night at Whaley Historic House Museum which lets participants play Victorian games with their friends. Every other Wednesday you can also stop in to Factory Two for their GameSpace night from 5:30 p.m.-9 p.m. Finally in Otisville, you can find Red Dragon Hobbies which offers games, gaming supplies, and space to play.   

As much fun as winter is, sometimes all you want to do is stay in and play a game or go somewhere and do the same. With friends old or new to play with, or escape with, it isn’t so bad being inside and Flint & Genesee has plenty of options for you.

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