Looking for a fun way to spend time with friends and family or just a good way to get out into the community? Check out these new gallery and museum exhibits in Flint & Genesee.

Flint Institute of Arts

Located in the Flint Cultural Center, the Flint Institute of Arts has the second largest fine arts collection in Michigan.

Drawing from Life: Ed Watkins until April 10

For almost 40 years, Flint native Ed Watkins has taught visual arts and design. The concept for this exhibition stems from the observational skills that students practice in life drawing classes. This exhibition includes drawing and mixed media artworks that are inspired by the distinctive and spiritual nature of his African American experience.

Restrained/Unrestrained until July 17

For thousands of years, if not more, humans have needed containers for countless different objects. In the beginning, storing food and water was essential to the longevity and prosperity of early civilizations. They likely used objects found in nature, like hollow gourds, as receptacles. As time progressed, containers were needed for religious ceremonies, cultural practices, personal adornment, and other aspects of daily life. Materials changed, decorations were added, and the container sometimes became more significant than the object placed within it.

Steeped in Tradition until March 20

Hot or iced, bagged or loose, black or green—whatever form or color it takes, over two billion cups of tea are consumed per day worldwide. After water, it is the most consumed beverage and it plays a profound role in many cultures. Because of this, teaware—the equipment used in the brewing or consumption of tea—has been a popular focus for artists throughout history.

Sons: Seeing the Modern African American Male until April 16

This year artist Jerry Taliaferro returns to Flint to photograph the men of our community for Sons: Seeing the Modern African American Male, which will be shown at the Flint Institute of Arts in 2022 on the 5th anniversary of the Women of a New Tribe exhibition. Much more than a photographic study, this exhibition aims to explore perceptions and biases. In Taliaferro’s words: “Recent events point to the urgent need for conversations about the contemporary Black American male. Any effort, however humble, to foster an understanding of this largely misunderstood and often marginalized segment of the American population is of utmost importance.” Visitors will be presented with two photographs of each subject —first a black-and-white image of just a face, and then later in the exhibition a photograph in color, where the subjects are instructed to “be themselves.” 

Buckham Gallery

In downtown Flint, Buckham Gallery aims to enrich the cultural life of its surrounding communities by presenting a broad range of innovative contemporary art, both visual and performance, of the highest quality and standard.

Small Talk until February 12

Buckham Gallery is pleased to announce Small Talk, a group exhibition featuring work by artists Jillian Dickson, Michael Reedy, and Brian Spolans. These artists offer investigations of other people as externalizations of experience and internal fears. These neuroses are presented with tenderness, reverence and the distance experienced with other people.

Cause & Affect Gallery

In Fenton, Cause & Affect Gallery takes various represents over 60 Michigan artists in different mediums including painting, glass, pierced metal, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics and wood.

Potpourri Dreams February 5 until March

Artist Cheryl Haithco’s solo exhibit Potpouri Dreams is a mixture of nature and portraits.

Sloan Museum at Courtland Center

Operating out of Courtland Center, Sloan Museum provides travelling exhibitions and a display of classic vehicles while the new Sloan Museum of Discovery is being built with all-new interactive exhibits.

Hot Wheels: Race to Win February 5 until May 15

Be a part of a dynamic race team working to build and test the world’s fastest (and safest) speed machines using Hot Wheels diecast cars to experiment and play.

Margaret Runyan Gallery & Art Boutique

Located in Clio as part of the Clio Center for the Arts, the Margaret Runyan Gallery & Art Boutique has rotating exhibitions and sells various art pieces.

Black and White Show until January 29

Artists from Rochester, Howell and Clio will show black and white portraits in various mediums.