Looking for a fun way to spend time with friends and family or just a good way to get out into the community? Check out these new gallery and museum exhibits in Flint & Genesee.

Flint Institute of Arts

Located in the Flint Cultural Center, the Flint Institute of Arts has the second-largest fine arts collection in Michigan.

Torched: Glass Pipes until Oct. 1

Featuring glass pipes from some of the most renowned contemporary artists, this exhibition will explore the creative possibilities of functional glass. 

Sentences until Apr. 30

Sentences is a captivating, hypnotic meditation on the poetics of space and language. In 2019 multidisciplinary artist Sara Magenheimer released Beige Pursuit, a collection of writings that included a poem titled Sentences—which Magenheimer then adapted into this work.

The Art of Refreshment until Aug. 27

From an afternoon tea to a cocktail party, events that center around eating and drinking have been a fundamental part of life across the world and throughout history. The objects used to present and serve food and liquids can be as important as what is being consumed.

The artwork in this exhibition, drawn from the FIA’s permanent collection, illustrates the wide variety of materials, styles, and uses of drink and dinnerware from ancient times to current day.

Buckham Gallery

In downtown Flint, Buckham Gallery aims to enrich the cultural life of its surrounding communities by presenting a broad range of innovative contemporary art, both visual and performance, of the highest quality and standard.

Sam Morello until May 13

As Buckham enters its 40th year as a nonprofit arts organization, we honor one of our founders, Sam Morello, with an exhibition of selected works from his career as an esteemed printmaker and artist.

Cause & Affect Gallery

In Fenton, Cause & Affect Gallery takes various represents over 60 Michigan artists in different mediums including painting, glass, pierced metal, jewelry, sculpture, ceramics and wood.

AS I AM - a solo exhibition by Brian Schorn until May 6 

This exhibition will feature new and recent work exploring Buddhist philosophy and the natural world through the reuse of everyday found objects.

Sloan Museum of Discovery

The newly opened Sloan Museum of Discovery located in the Flint Cultural Center Campus is an interactive museum with five unique galleries and rotating exhibitions. 

Real Bodies The Exhibition until Jan. 14, 2024

You’ll never see your body the same way again! REAL BODIES uses real human specimens that have been respectfully preserved to explore the complex inner workings of the human form in a refreshing and thought-provoking style. System by system, the exhibition provides an approachable and fascinating insight into what's happening inside every one of us.

MW Gallery

Located downtown Flint, MW Gallery shows pieces from the Mott-Warsh Collection, a privately owned, publically shared collection of art from the second half of the 20th century with the majority of works by African American artists supplemented by works from artists of the African diaspora or which reflect upon it. 

Crosscurrents: Intercultural Conversations in Art until Aug. 19

Crosscurrents showcases the work of artists whose intercultural experiences have permeated their art in remarkable ways. The exhibit contains art by African-American expatriates, works made using materials and techniques influenced by the artistic practices of other cultures, and art that responds to shared histories, global crises, and the legacy of the African diaspora. 

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