Hot dogs have been rooted in the history of Flint for over 100 years. From Koegels to Flint-style Coney sauce, Flint and Genesee County knows how to roll out a hot dog.

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day, here are a few places to experience some of the best.

Angelo’s Coney Island

Recently ranked again as one of the Best Hot Dog Joints in America by Thrillist, Angelo’s has been part of the Flint landscape for 69 years. They are most known in the area for their famous Coney Sauce recipe that is aptly paired with a Kogel hot dog.

Hot Dog Stand

If you ask someone in Grand Blanc where to get a hot dog they will point you toward the Hot Dog Stand. Originally opened in 1964 as an A&W restaurant, this gem is famously known for their original red sauce and homemade root beer.

B-Dogs Specialty Hot Dog Cart

Located inside of the Flint Farmers’ Market, what is unique about B Dogs Specialty Hot Dog Cart is the toppings. The cart serves nine different hot dogs from a Stadium Dog with ketchup, mustard, onions and relish to the Mac Daddy topped with mac n cheese, bacon and onions.