MEDC Community Development (CD) has a new website "dedicated to community development and placemaking in Michigan."

The CD team gathered content and related documents from our programs for communities, developers, and individuals interested in topics ranging from redevelopment to brownfield tools to crowdfunding, and organized it all in one new digital home: of downtown Flint buildingsand skyline

"Our goals with were to increase awareness of the great places in our communities, provide knowledge for those communities to make their places better, and to make it easier to access the tools and programs we offer to help," said Katharine Czarnecki, the MEDC's Senior Vice President of Community Development.

CD programs like Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC), Michigan Main Street, and Public Spaces, Community Places (PSCP) have their own presence on the new website, and an online Resource Library offers access to hundreds of documents and other reference materials.

Users may also connect with the Community Development team on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on program announcements and other current news.