Fans of the strange and uncanny expect that creepy events and happenings will rear their heads in the fall. But just because its summer doesn’t mean that there aren’t scares to be found. The winds of the season may be blowing warm, but a good chill can liven up the hot season. This summer there are several options for spooky fun, and these are but a few.  

Three modern horror movie classics featuring standouts from the slasher genre are coming to the FIM Capitol Theatre. Spend an evening getting chills in the beautiful, haunted theater and hope that there are no creatures lurking in the aisles.  

June 27 will bring Friday the 13th, the 1980 classic beginning to the infamous franchise that made summer camps terrifying.  

On July 25 it will be A Nightmare on Elm Street on the screen with the story of a killer that stalks the dreams of a town’s young people.  

Finally, return to the 1990s on August 15 to see Scream, the movie that modernized the slasher film with humor and horror together.  

June 27 is also downtown Flint’s Night Market in Brush Park, where music, vendors, and fun will be found. On the last Thursday of the month, the event will feature crafters, artists, and local handmade creations lit by the ambient lights strung down Brush Alley. Who knows what sort of fun you can find dancing near the shadows of the night?  

For free fun during Alley Fest in downtown Flint, you can check out the Sinister Swamp Meet at the Flint Local 432, just next to Buckham Alley. The Swamp Meet will feature artists, writers, crafters, and more as they share their wares. Stop in and you can support independent artists and find something strange to take home.  

The heavy hitter of the summer is Curious at Crossroads - Oddities Fest, a two-day horror festival right at Crossroads Village & Huckleberry Railroad. Entry into the festival is free with the purchase of a ticket to the village and will give you as much fun as you can handle. On hand will be frightful vendors selling their art, crafts, books, music, and so much more. Along with vendors, hear from speakers like author T.S. Wallace, author Rod Sadler (who will also have a special, ticketed event called “Mimosas & Murder” during the festival), and criminologist David Hayes. There will also be musical performances from Second Salem, The Lords of October, and featured guest First Jason – Ari Lehman, who played the child Jason Voorhees in the original Friday the 13th. Lehman will also be doing a live commentary during a showing of that horror classic. If all of that wasn’t enough there will be performances, a hearse display, an evening paranormal hunt you can join (for an additional cost), and lots more. It’s definitely the event fans of the freaky won’t want to miss.  

Even during summer’s frequent heatwaves, there’s always something in Flint & Genesee to lower the temperature and send shivers down your spine. Let us know what your favorite event is and look for even more on our calendar of events.  

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