You get an eerie tingle when you step into a house is that almost a 150-years old. Although it has been renovated, the walls still have a haunting history. A house that has multiple stories; was once the homestead of a Civil War general that was transformed into a hospital before falling into disrepair for many years. Learn the entire story of the Stockton Center at Spring Grove and find out what lurks in its shadows, or discover another eerie experience this Halloween season.  

The Paranormal Experience 

Hear the history of the Stockton Center and learn the results of the paranormal investigations conducted in the house. Then get a chance to do your own investigation from floor to floor with your own group. This event, held on Friday, October 13, is hosted by Michigan Spirit Quest. For more information, go to the Stockton Center's website. The Stockton Center also hosts Ghost Tours on Friday nights at 9 p.m. by appointment only.  

2017 Ghost Walk 

Learn the history and discover the poor lost souls still lingering in Fenton. Hear the tales of spirits while walking through the Historic District. This one-mile foot tour is not a haunting or scary event, but rather combines the heritage, folklore and stories about ghosts in Fenton. Tours will be held Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14. For more information go to the Fenton Village Players' website. 

Holly Hotel: Ghost Hunt 

Armed with the best equipment, a team of professional ghost hunters will explore the admittedly haunted Holly Hotel. The two-hour ghost hunt will be both informative and real. This pre-paid, admission-only event will feature an investigation hosted by the GHS paranormal team of Farmington Hills, Michigan, as well as, a spiritual afterglow. For more information go to the Holly Hotel's website 

Flint Fight FilmFest 

Hosted by the Media Arts & Entertainment Technology program at Mott Community College and the Flint Horror Collective, the Flint Fright FilmFest will feature horror films from around the world. During the fest, awards will be given for best film, best writing, best special make-up FX and more. Find out more information on Flint Fright FilmFest's Facebook event page. 

Poe's Midnight Dreary 

Clio Cast and Crew presents a hauntingly dramatized play featuring Edgar Allen Poe's life works. The stories, including The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven and more, are threaded together with the events of Poe's life. Performances will run October 6 – 15. For more information go to Clio Cast and Crew's Facebook event page.