Stress affects everyone differently, but it usually falls into one of three categories: physical, emotional and behavioral.

“Some people may experience stress as fatigue, chest pain or sickness,” said Cheri Schultz, a life coach who will be leading the Identifying Stressors workshop at the Flint Farmers’ Market on June 5. “Others may feel anxiety or depression. And for some, it can lead to drug or alcohol abuse.”

According to Schultz, the first step in managing the symptoms of stress is to identify the problem. Once we accomplish that, we can better determine a strategy to manage said stressor.

Often, stressors can be dealt with in one of three ways: elimination, reduction and/or coping.

For example, if you notice that caffeine makes you feel jittery, you might consider eliminating coffee from your daily routine.

“If you’re stressed about work, it’s important to find a way to put yourself in control,” Schultz says. “Many people find that creating a to-do list is very powerful.”

For stressors that are unavoidable, Shultz recommends coping techniques such as yoga, meditation and brisk walks – all actions that release endorphins and reduce stress.

During Schultz’s upcoming workshop, attendees will identify their stress triggers and learn which strategies and techniques will help them reduce their long-term stress levels.

Admission – which includes lunch – is $20 for the public and $10 for Chamber members.

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