When Betsy Haigh leads her next and final leadership session for 2016, she will be covering an important topic for local employers and business leaders: empowering the people we lead.

“A lot of times, people don’t feel empowered to believe they can influence their future,” said Haigh, who founded Awaken Leadership Center. “They somehow feel restricted. That said, as leaders, there’s a lot we can do to tap into the beliefs and perceptions our employees have.”

Haigh will cover four key methods for empowering employees during her session at Baker College of Flint on Dec. 1. They include:

  1. Providing opportunities for people to be successful.
  2. Allowing people to fail without making them a failure.
  3. Verbally modeling how people can influence their reality and positively influence the workplace.
  4. Creating opportunities for people to visualize their futures.

“We do all of these things because the people that we lead matter,” said Haigh, noting that attendees will receive a workbook with at least 30 additional strategies they can use and implement in the workplace.

To learn more, register for Haigh’s business training session online. Registration is $40 per person.