For many Americans, Sunday evening – which represents the end of the weekend and impending start of the workweek – triggers feelings of anxiety and unease.

In fact, in a global poll from, 76 percent of American respondents reported experiencing “really bad” Sunday night blues. In contrast, only 45 percent of global respondents reported the same.

"The level of anxiety Americans feel heading into the workweek remains significantly high and is counterproductive," said Vicki Salemi, Monster Career Expert, in a statement.

That said, there are several tactics people can use to reduce their end-of-the-weekend worries. For instance, you might:

  1. Get a head start on the following week. Take 15 minutes at the end of the day on Friday to sort your tasks and create a to-do list for Monday.
  2. Prevent work from creeping into your leisure time. Set strict – and ideally short – timeslots to check email and complete other work-related tasks.
  3. Schedule something fun on Sunday night. Whether it’s a fitness class with friends or a special dinner with family, give yourself something to look forward to during the day.
  4. Keep a journal. Take notes of how you feel over the weekend, and pay attention to the patterns. If you find that a lot of your stress revolves around a weekly Monday morning meeting, consider rescheduling it for the afternoon or later in the week.