Eating out while eating vegan or vegetarian can sometimes be a struggle. However, in Flint & Genesee there are many places that alleviate that struggle by offering vegan and vegetarian options.

Here are five places to try:

Blondie’s Food & Spirits

Located on Hill Road in Flint Township, Blondie’s Food & Spirits offers an entire vegan-friendly menu featuring items such as General Tso’s cauliflower, a jackfruit Reuben and smothered Impossible “chopped steak.”

Egyptian Koshery

Located inside the Davison Farmers Market, Egyptian Koshery serves authentic Egyptian food, much of which is naturally vegan and vegetarian.

Soggy Bottom Bar

In Flint’s Carriage Town, Soggy Bottom Bar offers a good array of vegan and vegetarian food, including vegan ‘crab’ cakes, jerk vegan ‘chicken’ wrap, and an Impossible burger.

Sweet Peaces Veggie Bistro

At the Flint Farmers’ Market, Sweet Peaces Veggie Bistro serves an entirely vegan menu with favorites such as their Thai broccoli rice, samosas and Indian curry bowl.

The Laundry

In Fenton, The Laundry is a local favorite and has many options for vegans. The highlights are: for breakfast, the Hungry Hippie skillet; for lunch, the I Don’t Need No Cellphone sandwich; and for dinner, the Impossible spaghetti and meatballs.