Chancellor Susan E. Borrego, in her official investiture ceremony April 17, called for bold action in further building University of Michigan-Flint community connections and student achievement.

Borrego, who began as chancellor last August, said she believes UM-Flint is “on the cusp of another huge shift in the life of the university.”

She lauded the talents of the UM-Flint community and celebrated during the ceremony, held at The Whiting in the Flint Cultural Center.

“Let’s move boldly to create our tomorrow. Let’s increase the opportunities to engage students in research projects and travel to conferences to share their research. Let’s work with the community to develop research projects that can be catalysts for change–revolutionizing how we impact childhood poverty or urban health and sustainability or any number of issues that will make the world a better place,” Borrego said. “Let’s invest in student scholarships and support in a way that both rewards merit and assists with need.”

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