On May 9 at GM’s newly renovated Durant-Dort Factory One, the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce hosted the area’s first Developers Conference to expose outside investors to some of the revitalization that’s underway to transform Flint into a vibrant urban center.

Wall St. Journal staff writer Kris Maher was among the roughly 20 select Michigan developers, architects and contractors present at the conference, which was also geared to market some of the city’s shovel-ready properties. Maher, who also joined the attendees for a bus tour of Flint, reported on his visit in the May 19 article, titled “Flint’s Toughest Pitch: We’re Open for Business.”

His objective report began with an upbeat summary of the current state of affairs, writing:

As construction cranes pivot in this city’s downtown, a local venture-capital firm is investing more than $14 million to renovate two century-old buildings a block from a bustling indoor farmers market.

Mahar also captured one outsider’s optimistic view of Flint:

“There are some core entities here and a passionate population,” said Sharon Madison, owner of an architectural design and construction firm in Detroit who came to hear the city’s recent pitch for investment.

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