The value of learning how to become a good employee is not lost on Santiara Henry.  The Beecher High School cheerleader has learned to leverage her activities and school work, and now she hopes TeenQuest will help her take the next step toward finding a job.

“The TeenQuest experience taught me that I can handle any work situation,” said Henry.  “I’m definitely ready to try and put the skills I learned into action.”

Henry is one of the 113 students who graduated recently from the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce’s TeenQuest leadership training program.  Participants learn to collaborate with a team, understand business etiquette and how to resolve office conflicts through the program designed to help them gain a leg up on what it takes to succeed and lead in the business world.

TeenQuest graduates become eligible for employment through the Summer Youth Initiative (SYI), which provides employment opportunities through local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Rhetta Hunyady, Regional Chamber Group Vice President of Operations and Employer Education and Training Connection cites the employment opportunities available to TeenQuest graduates as one of many ways that students benefit from the program.

“TeenQuest graduates learn how to be leaders,” said Hunyady.  “This recent graduating class is ready to meet the challenges of the work world.  They will definitely gain benefits from learning the skills needed for success in the workplace and in life.”

TeenQuest is currently accepting applications for the February 27 through March 29 session.  For more information or to sign up for TeenQuest visit