When to Slow Down, Speed Up at Your Next Networking EventJune 29, 2016

At any given event, there are four different personality types present. There are nurturers, promoters, go-getters and examiners – and each has a different way of communicating with others.

“If I use words like ‘strategy’ and ‘expectations’ with a nurturer who prefers an easy-going process, they’re not going to be attracted to me,” said Tonya Acha, Owner of Referral Institute SE Michigan. “But if I say, ‘we’re working on a project that will be helpful in building relationships with other people,’ they’re going to be more interested in what I have to say.”

By adapting body language, tone/pace of voice and word choice to match the behavioral styles of the people they’re talking to, networkers can establish rapport and trust with nearly anyone.

But considering that the average networking event is just an hour or two, business owners and professionals need to be able to identify personality types within a matter of minutes.

“You need to look at things like what they’re wearing, how they’re standing, what kind of eye contact they’re making,” Acha says.

For instance, if you approach someone with a gentle handshake and quiet voice, they’re likely a nurturer – meaning it’s best to talk slower, soften your shoulders and avoid piercing eye contact.

Acha will be highlighting each of the four personality types during “Room Full of Referrals” on July 19 at Baker College of Flint. For more information, or to register, click here.