Tim Herman, CEO

Last week was an exciting time for our team and many of our partners. We held our Annual Meeting and a press conference to announce a variety of positive news.

Nearly 400 people attended our Meeting where we unveiled “See what’s possible”, a new marketing campaign for the region. There, we also announced a new brand identity for Flint and Genesee County – Flint & Genesee; announced a new name for our organization – Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce; and I’m proud to say that we also announced very strong year-end results for 2012.

All in all the reaction to the new campaign has been favorable from the news media and the community. Most agree that it is the right time to promote the area... that it is the right time to market Flint and Genesee County together as one entity.  The marketing campaign is a platform that will help us do exactly that; it will allow us to invite the world to discover Flint & Genesee and see what’s possible.

I urge all of you, our members to embrace the new branding and make it your own. After all, the brand and campaign was developed for our community -- Flint and Genesee County. It is not just for the Chamber. It will take all of us in the region to work together, to collaborate on getting our message out. Bringing new people to our community – whether it’s to live, visit, work or play – is of the utmost importance to growing our economy and helping the world see a more complete picture of Flint & Genesee.

Campaign resources are available. On our new website, flintandgenesee.org, you can find copies of the TV spots and a brand mark. If you happened to miss the announcements over the past few days, you can catch up by visiting our newsroom on the site.

Once again I want to thank all of our members who were able to join us at the Annual Meeting. We are so glad you could join us as you play an integral role in our work to grow the Flint & Genesee economy. I look forward to receiving your feedback on the campaign over the coming weeks as well as any ideas you might have for the second phase.

Have a great day!

Tim Herman