PMC Technologies Looks to Lead Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

This is one in a series of features highlighting the ‘Genesee 10 to Watch’ and Spark Award recipients.

Genesee 10 to Watch 2012 - PMC Environmental Technologies

Most people don’t think about what happens to the grease, oils and fats (FOG) left over from cooking their favorite fast food burger, but according to PMC Technologies co-founder Ron Panter the results create a bio-waste issue for most restaurants and food service establishments.  Panter, along with PMC co-founders Tom Herold and Jeff Ostahowski, has pioneered a waste water treatment process designed to protect the environment and solve the FOG disposal issue.

PMC developed the patented BIOS-GT system.  The system is a hardware and software solution that functions as an on-site waste water treatment plant for restaurants. It recycles the FOG left over after cooking and turns it into environmentally safe “gray water”.

Panter, a retired General Motors electrician, says the system is one-of-a-kind and has broad applications across the food processing and restaurant industries.

“We developed this technology right here in Genesee County,” said Panter.  “Yet, it has global potential.  Currently, we are working with McDonald’s restaurants across Michigan, but we are looking to expand within the fast food market and beyond.  The most important element of this system is what it does for the environment.  Most restaurant bio-waste ends up in a landfill or seeping into water systems.  This technology prevents that by providing on-site recycling of the waste, which is a good thing for the environment.”

McDonald’s is PMC’s largest client and Patten says with thousands of locations around the globe, they represent a fraction of the multi-billion dollar industry.  He says that the company is in negotiations with Wendy’s and other restaurant chains across the nation to broaden the scope of BIO-GT system placements.

PMC was recently named one of the 2012 “Genesee 10 to Watch” by the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce.  The award was based on PMC’s visionary entrepreneurship, current growth and growth projections.