October 14, 2015

Betsy Haigh, founder of Awaken Leadership Center Betsy Haigh, founder of Awaken Leadership Center

Efficacious leadership is an ethos that promotes a purposeful, proactive culture empowering others to discover and develop their unique skills and talents to create their own future.

To create an encouraging and edifying culture as a leader, it matters: What we do, How we do it, Why we do it, and Where we do it. It Matters... Because People Matter.

To learn more, join the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce and the MLive Media Group for a free workshop, titled Efficacious Leadership. It is the last in a series of joint training opportunities for 2015.

Betsy Haigh, founder of Awaken Leadership Center, will lead the workshop.  Click here to register.

Haigh will also offer a free 15-minute consultation to any participant who registers.

This free consultation will be personally tailored for each person.  This session can be a personal coaching session to explore your personal leadership and help you realize your full potential as a leader. Or, the session can be an organizational consultation about leadership development and culture creation in your business whether you are a nonprofit organization, school or business.

To learn more about Betsy Haigh and Awaken Leadership Center, visit www.awakenleadershipcenter.com.  Also, check out this 1.5 minute introduction video:  https://mlivemediagroup.box.com/s/76sdpba8be11fyrqi2t1i62f36kqgayx