Tim Herman, CEO

At a recent press conference, a group of leaders came together to announce a county wide initiative that will help improve customer satisfaction with public services and increase efficiency among municipalities and other jurisdictions.  We also released a community report that highlights services that could work for this type of collaborative effort.

Our Regional Leadership Council – a board comprised of 45 businesses, higher education and donors – has requested that the Genesee Regional Chamber establish and lead a Shared Service Center. The Center will function as a center of excellence that helps local businesses and governments provide quality public services for residents, operate more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs through shared service agreements.

We took on this ambitious initiative because it addresses a vital need in our community and it is a good fit for our organization. Given our experience as a convener as well as our local, state and federal partnerships, we are well-positioned to lead the Service Center.

If we are successful it will increase the County’s competitiveness and our ability to retain and attract new business development, and attract the best talent, new residents and tourists.

I encourage you to read the community report – at least the executive summary – to understand how the shared service model can benefit our region as well as your business.