Tim Herman, CEO

From beginning to end, September is jammed-packed with opportunity. Early this month, the City of Flint and our organization co-hosted a Manufacturing Community Roundtable. The purpose of the event was to bring Flint and Genesee County government together with elected officials from the federal and state government – along with manufacturers to promote more robust manufacturing growth in Michigan and outside of the state. President Obama’s Administration selected Flint as a site for revitalization because it was one of the hardest hit cities in the United States following the restructuring of the auto industry.

The event was a win for our region as it allowed us to showcase local manufacturers and the diversity of their products. It also allowed the manufacturers to voice their opinions on what’s working and where improvements are needed by the government. If you are interested in reading more about the Manufacturing Roundtable, I encourage you to read some of the news coverage on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Looking ahead to September 18, the I-69 International Trade Corridor (Corridor) partners will host the annual Regional Summit, a forum where businesses in the region can learn about new growth opportunities and much more.

The Summit has a dynamic speaker lineup focused on topics that are most relevant to regional economic development and job creation. Attendees will hear about current and new Corridor initiatives and what the initiatives mean to their company or municipality, hear how our region can compete for re-shoring and other new investments and learn more about the state’s new initiatives on talent, growth opportunities and hiring plans.

One other event that I encourage all members to attend is Disney Institute’s seminar – “Disney Institute’s Approach to Creativity & Innovation” to be held on September 25. Once again our Education & Training staff will have the opportunity to explore how The Walt Disney Company taps into its workforce as a source of creative ideas and innovative solutions. The workshop will allow participants to examine how Disney leaders at all levels effectively blend a framework of organizational identity and structural systems, with a collaborative culture to create a steady flow of innovative products and services in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Lastly, I look forward to talking with all of you the next morning on September 26 at Bubba O’Malley’s for our Member Breakfast.

There are so many beneficial activities happening in our region, many of which provide access to decision makers at local, state and federal level and includes tangible information on tools and resources that can help move your business and our local economy forward. It’s up to you to get involved!

Take care.