Halve Your Snack Portions, Feel the Same Satisfaction LaterAugust 10, 2016

Want to snack smarter? Try this trick: stick to one handful and see how you feel 15 minutes later.

In a study published by Cornell University, researchers presented two groups with different sized portions of chocolate, apple pie and potato chips. Test subjects in Group 1 were given small portions, totaling 195 calories. Those in Group 2 were given larger portions, totaling 1370 calories. Both groups were told to eat as much as they wanted of their provided portion.

Researchers measured hunger and craving before eating, immediately after and 15 minutes later.

While the individuals in Group 2 ate nearly 77 percent more calories than those in Group 1, the hunger and craving scores immediately after eating were comparable between the two.

“Furthermore, after 15 minutes craving had decreased in both conditions,” the researchers reported. “This shows that over time the smaller portions were able to satiate participants to the same degree as larger, more calorically dense, portions.”

For more research completed through the Food & Brand Lab at Cornell University, visit foodpsychology.cornell.edu.