MTA Bus at Great Lakes CrossingsWhat public transportation agency provides the largest full-service, work-related commuter system in the state of Michigan? The Mass Transportation Authority.

Since 1997, Flint’s MTA has taken an aggressive approach to meeting the transportation needs of workers who commute to jobs as far away as Troy, Saginaw, Lapeer, Brighton, Howell, Ann Arbor and Shiawassee County.

Last year, the MTA provided over 2.2 million rides for work-related transportation, allowing individuals to access jobs throughout Genesee County and six adjoining counties. Current projections suggest the number will grow exponentially over the next several years and exceed 4 million annual trips in the near future.

Residents of Flint and Genesee County will continue to look for expanded work-related transportation service as new economic development and employment opportunities occurs well beyond the county line, stretching along the I-69, I-75 and US-23 corridors. The MTA aims to continue providing essential transportation services to connect individuals with opportunities to improve their lives and to grow our local economy.

Using state and federal planning monies, the MTA has commissioned a study of the I-75 corridor from Bay City to Detroit to determine the feasibility of providing public transportation services to meet current and future needs. The study once completed will provide recommendations on the best alternative to address the growing number of commuters traveling the freeways to access jobs in other communities.

Additional studies will examine the I-69 and US-23 routes, including the feasibility of a large transportation hub that integrates all three interstate corridors.

“MTA is extremely proud of being a leader to pioneer these opportunities and services that will lead us into the future while growing the local economy and employment opportunities for residents of Flint and Genesee County,” said Ed Benning, MTA General Manager/CEO.

For more information, call Ed Benning, MTA General Manager/CEO, at (810) 780-8813.