(FLINT, Mich. – Dec. 22, 2013) Uptown Reinvestment Corporation is pleased to announce the implosion of Genesee Towers was a success! Flint’s tallest building collapsed within its own footprint at 10 a.m. as planned yesterday, while a breathless community watched this long-awaited event. Now that the dust has settled, clean-up efforts are underway to prepare the site for next phase of redevelopment downtown – Exploration Park.

Exploration Park will be a public park and learning space offering downtown residents, office workers and visitors welcoming green space in the heart of the urban center of Flint’s downtown. The park project coincides with the redevelopment of the neighboring Flint Journal properties that will house the new Flint Farmers Market, MSU Public Health program, lofts and retail space.

“Our sincerest thanks to Dave Lurvey, project manager, Steve Pettigrew and his demolition team, the City of Flint Police and Fire departments, the public utility companies, local emergency personnel , the Mass Transportation Authority and downtown business owners who worked together to make this a safe and successful demolition ,” said Uptown Reinvestment Corporation (URC) President Tim Herman. “We would also like to thank local media outlets for helping to communicate public safety information regarding the implosion.”

Post Implosion Update:

Back in business. Utility personnel completed initial safety inspections determined when it was safe for businesses to re-open.

Clean-up.  Now that the site is “clear for clean-up,” the demolition team will begin the months-long process of removing the rubble and clearing the site for redevelopment.

Effect of implosion on gas lines, water lines, electrical service. Public Utility and Water Department personnel were pleased with the outcome of the implosion.

Public access to the area. There remains a containment zone around the demolition site bounded by Brush Alley on the west, First Street on the north, Stevens Street on the east and Second Street on the south.  All streets, except Brush Alley and Harrison Street between First and Second streets will be open to through traffic for the duration of the clean-up.