Ginny Sherrow and her husband Matt had a passion for wine that led them to create a local home for specialty wine and craft beers.  The Fenton Winery and Brewery was born in 2007 as a winery.  Fast forward to today and the Made in Flint and Genesee business has transformed into a venue offering more than 20 wine varieties and craft beers, along with a full menu and live music.

The Fentown Winery & Brewery banquet room. Photo courtesy of Fenton Winery & Brewery.

As a graduate of Kettering and a mechanical engineer, Matt took on the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur along with Cornell Graduate and finance expert Ginny.  The couple expanded the business over the years, building on their original plan to create a wine tasting location.

The local business owners are currently active members of Fenton’s business community.   To learn more about the Fenton Winery and Brewery visit