Technology-based enrollment systems offer ease and organization

By Ben Clevenger, Client Services, Michigan Planners

Sources state that consumers spend up to five hours per day on their phones – and we believe it!  Walk into any restaurant, grocery store, or sporting event, and you will find noses down and fingers scrolling.

Shopping. Banking. Chatting. You can engage technology in virtually any function, and electing your health benefits is no exception.

Modernizing the enrollment experience has led to greater efficiency, improved accessibility and enhanced experiences.

  1. Greater Efficiency: Every step of the benefits management process is automated, eliminating the need for printing and reducing human intervention. Time is reduced when you take away booklet development, mailing costs and manual labor. Additionally, sophisticated systems have the ability to transfer election data to carriers, minimizing errors.
  2. Improved Accessibility: Having access to your plan design, insurance policy, group number, and virtual insurance card allows consumers to remain active and engaged in the healthcare process. We know our address and phone number, but do we know our policy number or carrier phone number? Having this information is helpful in dire situations.
  3. Enhanced Experiences: The process of choosing the right health plan is simplified through slick videos, side-by-side comparisons, colorful graphs and Amazon-like encounters. Being able to quickly capture employee engagement means that the buy-in experience and repetition rate will ticker upward, resulting in greater use of consumer tools to manage costs. Such tools include drug comparison sites and WebMD resources. Independence leads to greater empowerment among your staff members.

Even the most “traditional” companies must modernize themselves at some point. When Amazon entered the marketplace, CEOs of major retailers did not sit back and conduct business as usual. Leveraging available tools to increase accuracy, reporting, and metrics not only saves time, but it also goes a long way towards revolutionizing your workforce.

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