For those who have not ventured into downtown Flint, Michigan for the last few years, or those who have never had the pleasure of visiting this historic city, there is much to be discovered.

Thanks to major restoration and renovation work that has been underway for several years, the City of Flint is not only being restored to its former glory, but also experiencing stellar improvements.

Large scale revitalization projects began in 2004, and since then over 32 sites have benefited from investment dollars now totaling over $387 million.

The investment projects have not only brought commerce and a fresh look into Flint, but have also created over 1,100 permanent jobs in the last eight years.

Projects range from a new Irish pub and University of Michigan-Flint residence halls to a Proton Beam Treatment Center and renovation of the Mass Transit Terminal.

Much of the work has been spearheaded by local organization, Uptown Reinvestment Corporation (URC). URC works to bring new commerce, residents and opportunities into Flint by restoring historic buildings and converting them into multi-use facilities that house modern loft apartments, restaurants, office buildings and even a television station.