They don’t wear capes. They’re in homes, at work, in the community -- maybe right beside you. They’re heroes, and a two-day workshop in Flint looks to teach you how to be one, too.

The second-annual Hero Round Table on Sept. 19-20 will bring 1,000 people to Flint from around the world and teach them to be heroes. The Round Table is the world’s largest conference dedicated to cultivating heroism.

This year’s participants will hear from experts on whistle blowing, psychology, education and personal development to give attendees practical know-how in creating heroism in their own communities. The expected turnout of 1,000 nearly triples last year’s inaugural crowd of more than 300. The conference will be held at The Whiting in Flint.

“To have this now world-known conference dedicated to teaching people to be heroes come to our city is not only exciting, but a wonderful opportunity for people throughout Flint & Genesee,” said Cheryl DeFrain, Director, Flint & Genesee Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We have the chance to showcase our area and assets during this two-day conference, but also our residents and business people can attend Round Table and empower themselves to create change in our community.”

The Hero Round Table is a cross-disciplinary conference on heroism in today’s world. Talks and discussions will come from experts in the worlds of psychology, education, philosophy, sports, storytelling (books, movies, TV, games, etc.), the news media and more.

It provides an opportunity for those interested in heroism around the world to gather together for networking, planning future collaborations, and hearing from the world’s leading experts on the subject.

Round Table founder Matt Langdon says anyone can act heroically if they just prepare themselves.

“The opposite of a hero is not a villain, it’s a bystander,” Langdon said in a news release. “When something bad happens, we all have an urge to keep our heads down. By learning to overcome that urge and developing awareness of our environment, we take action where no one else will.”

Langdon used this philosophy to build a successful anti-bullying program for kids, teaching them to speak up for their peers and work proactively to improve their schools. He says the same principles work for adults.

Conference speakers will include the return of world-famous psychologist Phil Zimbardo, Pentagon Papers whistle blower Daniel Ellsberg, nurse advocate Renee Thompson, and subway hero Chad Lindsey, among others.

This is the second year for Hero Round Table, after a successful first conference brought on big-name sponsors such as Diplomat, Delta Airlines and Bishop International Airport. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit